BubbasGarageTv - Large Paracord 550 Guyline Tensioner - Pack of 4 (Customizable)

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Customize your very own BubbasGarageTv - Large Paracord 550 Guyline Tensioner Pack.

Sometimes you just need a Guyline Tensioner made for bigger hands but can also reach the distance needed to secure your gear properly.

During our travels, I learned real quick that those tiny Guyline Tensioners just don't cut it and are a hassle to deal with when securing large tents and awnings. So we decided to make our own. These Guyline Tensioners are 3D printed in PLA here at BubbasGarageTv and come pre-attached to the color and size of your paracord 550 selection.

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  • Includes 4 Guyline Tensioners with your paracord selection attached.
  • Total length is approx. 3 inches long.
  • Total width is approx. 3/4 inches wide.
  • Thickness is approx. 1/4 inch.
  • Includes 1/4 inches holes for parracord guyline.
  • 3D Printed with PLA.

Please contact us for other color and sizing options.

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  • Product may vary from images shown.
  • All products manufactured by BubbasGarageTv are proudly MADE in the USA!

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